Saturday, June 19, 2010

Railside art: back to Newmarket

Yesterday, on the way through Newmarket Station, I decided to try to get a picture of a piece railside art I've been waiting months for a chance to put on this blog.

I found a bit of a teaser for it along Broadway. But this wasn't what I was looking for.

There it is. Dan Mills' artwork along the corridor leading from the Western Line into Newmarket. Taking these shots involved me standing on the overbridge and holding the digicam out through the railings, hoping I'd get the picture in frame. It has been designed to try to deter tagging.

Here are some details.

According to the NZ Herald:
"The artwork, on either side of the tracks which extend under Newmarket's main street Broadway, includes a crushed leather backdrop, with people dressed in early 1900-style clothing and paintings based on Newmarket's history."


  1. Ohhh i see! How fascinating that theme running through..i'm even more confused LOL...was there a local historical upholsterer around that area sometime maybe LOL! That's very effective! I love it :-)

  2. My theory is they might have been trying to go for an impression of luxurious passenger train seats. The yellow is nice, but -- shouldn't it have been red or brown? Maybe they used yellow leather back-in-the-day ...