Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hong King's double-deck trams

In a departure from the usual theme for Timespanner -- New Zealand stuff -- here are some photos of Hong Kong's double-deck tramcars from Bryan Blanchard. Hong Kong Tramways boast that they have the world's largest fleet of double-deck trams (check out the museum pages at the link for historic images and info). If I ever went to HK, and saw them -- I'd be entranced for hours. (I'm bad enough watching Melbourne's trams outside their central library!)

Bryan's email:

Lisa, here as promised - some of the many photos I took in Hong Kong, our first time there - these were taken on 3-7-2009. Have put some on there 4 wheel trams that go back to the early 1900s & have a fleet of about 160. Cheap to ride on.  Have included a couple of street scenes of the buildings, they use bamboo for scaffolding and there is heaps of it used, even way up high on the sky scrapers. Weather is very hot & humid when we were there, and were told in 2 months time even hotter.

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