Sunday, March 20, 2011

Titirangi's ever-shifting war memorial

Spotted the Titirangi War Memorial outside the local community centre/war memorial hall today. Thought -- Hey, how come I missed this when I photographed the special clay tiles last year? Did I? Maybe. But that cement work and the pavers at the rear look quite new. Plus, the war memorials page for this one at, where the photos date from 1986 and 2009, show slightly different locations. Looks like, since 1965 when the memorial seems to have been shifted from its original spot on Memorial Hill (near Titirangi School, across the road from Lopdell House to the north), it has probably  been moved at least twice. Maybe three times. What on earth have the local authorities got against this lovely pillar? I'll leave it up to the locals to tell me more, should they come upon this post.

Anyway -- more images from today.

"Erected by H Atkinson to record the names of the men of Titirangi who left New Zealand to fight for the British Empire and the human race."


  1. I think it is due a fourth move, to an appropriate location without a backdrop of modern colourful bricks and coloured concrete paving.

  2. LOL Bruce will be on to you for an updated shot of the memorial now ;-)

    Nice post


  3. Heh, heh! Well, he knows where to find it! ;-)

  4. The move was made four or five Saturdays ago; I stumbled on the ceremony while returning some books to the adjacent library. The fire service provided a group in full dress uniform for flag duties and a group of military re-enactment enthusiasts had a platoon of "soldiers" in lemon squeezer hats. Unfortunately, their drill and appearance was rather more comical than ceremonial. Not sure why it was moved from one side of the parking area to the other, though, other than the thought from an RSA member that the new site offered better "protection".

  5. Ah, ha! So I hadn't missed it before. Thanks for the info, Phil -- knew we could count on you for the news! :-)

  6. Thanks for the backhanded compliment Sandy! Am I getting a reputation as a "memorial hunter" ?

    I kind of knew this was coming - apparently it was in the way of an extension to the car park!

    We'll link to this blog Lisa - thanks.

    I hope you both keep a look-out on the Memorials Register as it's being added to nearly daily now as my inquiries around NZ start to bear fruit.

    Thank you both again for your involvement.


  7. Bruce, I think your reputation as a memorial-hunter is well-deserved -- and appreciated by all of us who like seeing the monuments recorded and recognised! Good to hear from you again.