Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trams at Ferrymead

I've just received permission from Bryan Blanchard, of the Pleasant Point Museum & Railway, to put his photos of trams at Ferrymead near Christchurch on the blog. Thanks, Bryan!

As always -- I welcome comments, additional information and corrections from tram enthusiasts. The more info, the better.

W2 224 - ex Melbourne, normally used in the city circle. There's a page on W2.224 which was part of the Melbourne fleet, not sure if it is the same tram, though.

(Above) Tram 152 & trailer - normally used in the city circle.

Above: 236, former Brisbane tram. According to this site:
This is Brisbane's two-bogie drop-centre tram, although it has much in common with Sydney's toastrack L/P trams. The first to be introduced was No. 231 ...At first, despite their weight, the trams were equipped only with hand brakes; air brakes were a late refinement. Later, air brakes were fitted to hand-braked models in reverse order. This process got as far as tram No. 276 before it stopped. 


Restored Christchurch No. 1.


  1. Ooooooooo, love them; they have style, flair and class.
    You'll have Andrew over shortly ;)

  2. I was a driver at Camberwell Depot in Melbourne in 1975 and 1976. 244 was allocated to Camberwell at that time and I drove it on several occasions.

    Paul Nicholson