Sunday, March 20, 2011

Titirangi, Fringe of Heaven

Marc Bonny is a friend of mine, a committed local historian, West Auckland Historical Society member and someone with a real love for the stories of Titirangi and West Auckland in general. His book, launched today, fills in yet another gap in our knowledge base as far as the history of our region is concerned. It was  also very nice to be mentioned in the acknowledgements as helping towards Titirangi, Fringe of Heaven (all I did was point the research team of Marc and well-known historian Bruce Harvey in the direction of the old deeds references at LINZ, and do some proofreading).

Check it out as an example of a community joining together and finding their voice to relate, to the future, the stories of how their particular part of our region came to be.

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  1. Great that so many books are being printed about our local history. A History of Auckland's Eastern Suburbs 'A Fine Prospect' will be released on 20 May.