Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LINZ release of aerial imagery of Christchurch

For those interested in another look at what has been wrought in Christchurch: Land Information New Zealand has released aerial imagery (links here) of Christchurch post-quake. 

The part I went looking for first was Coker's Hotel on Manchester Street (dating from 1879). It's a backpackers now, and that's where I stayed in 2007 for a couple of nights.

Now, it is in a sad state, going by the aerial. It was already closed after the September 2010 quake.

Image: Land Information NZ, Crown Copyright


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  2. Diabolical isn't it :(

    [Sorry had to remove previous wasn't quite lined up that i was going to use in link below]

    Here's a link from the site. Takes a bit of fiddling around on the site but is fascinating as it's a bit like google with a 'layer' showing the February earthquake damage a couple days later. This link shows the area of Kerrs Reach in Wainoni where the rowing club is [towards the centre left of photo you can see the cracks caused by the quake] and to the right of the photo is Porritt Park where national/international Hockey was played and a multimillion upgrade of the grounds had been made prior to the's a write off since the September quake but even worse now.

    This is the area i grew up in. If you follow the river bank down [by screen grabbing using mouse from top of map and pulling down to bottom] you'll see the giant cracks along the bank that have been caused by the quake.

    Patches of different colours on the house roofs are tarpaulins covering damage and the liquefaction and silt is plain to see covering the properties and roads.