Thursday, March 24, 2011

Images from Pleasant Point Museum & Railway

These photos come from Bryan Blanchard, of the Pleasant Point Museum & Railway. Descriptions from his email. 

Above: Ab 699 labelled as Ab 718, for the anniversary of the closing of the Fairlie Branch line on 2/3/1968 - line opened in 1884 - was a steam line to the end.

Ab 699, built by A & G Price in Thames in 1922 - the only Price Built Ab left - we bought from NZ Railways in 1970 for $600 - scrap valve then.

Our track gang working on our track = sleeper replacement.

Track repair work - Machine kindly bought to our site to pack and tamper the sleepers.

Interior of 1912 built carriage, A1142 - we are restoring at present - a long time job to finish.

Thanks, Bryan!


  1. Oh this is fantastic Lisa. Thanks Bryan for allowing Lisa to post these images. Just incredible. Great to see these old engines being loved and cared for

  2. Steam right up until 1968. Wonderful. I think we lost all of ours in the early sixties, but don't quote me on that. Our Puffing Billy is great, but it is narrow gauge, so the engines aren't so big. Nice to see big powerful train engines.

  3. Thanks to Bryan and Lisa - I've caught up with some great photography and updates on these beautiful trams in the past few posts; good luck, best wishes and keep doing what you're doing :)