Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Civil War research -- finding more graves in New Zealand

Terry Foenander is a researcher with a very interesting website called U.S. Civil War Navies. This morning, he left a couple of comments to my earlier posts about the recent headstone ceremony at Waikumete Cemetery, here and here.

I'm adding his website to the front page list -- the articles he's written from his research are worth a read.

Terry told me he has been researching another Civil War veteran buried here -- Sydney Herbert Davies, who died in Dunedin 1915, a man with an incredible career fighting in the Crimean War, American Civil War, and being part of the NZ Armed Constabulary, awarded the NZ War Medal. Terry's research is still in progress; it will be very interesting to see what else becomes known about Mr. Davies.


  1. Lisa, I have just located another Civil War veteran, who had been residing in Dunedin about 1910, and who was indicated to have served in Hood's Texas Brigade, of the Confederate Army. He was wounded in the face, and carried the scar for the rest of his life. Have not yet been able to determine where he is buried, but he is definitely not at the Northern Cemetery, where another Confederate Army soldier is buried. Will send more details as they are found.

  2. If anyone is able to nut out the details, Terry, it's you. Good hunting -- and thanks!