Thursday, January 15, 2009

Signal box art

On the corner of New North Road and Blockhouse Bay Road, outside the Avondale Baptist Church (now called The Intersection), there is a decorated signal box.

The design is loosely based on a photograph which appeared in Challenge of the Whau of the Avondale Volunteer Fire Brigade, and is probably sited where it is because this signal box is close to the modern-day fire station. But the volunteer brigade were further down the road by the railway bridge, and the design looks more American to me than Kiwi.

Still it's eye-catching, may make people think about local history, and does no real harm being there. A series of such signal and telephone circuit box decorations has been done both here in Avondale and elsewhere in both Auckland and Waitakere Cities. The ones here were an Avondale Community Board initiative.

An update: the mural was removed over Easter, 2009. New post here.

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