Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Further to the art in Olympic Park

My thanks to Jayne from Our Great Southern Land and Liz from Mad Bush Farm for both your comments to the first Olympic Park Art post yesterday. Yup, whau pods look brown-and -hite or so, and that sculpture of the Whau Pod just doesn't resemble the natural.

The only hit on the web for "Whau Pod" just now -- is good ol' Timespanner's blog. Why? thinks I. Isn't Waitakere City proud of their artwork display here? Off I toodles to their website.

"Whau Pod" is the sixth photo down on the right. But -- it isn't named. I searched their site -- nothing. Ah, well, as Mad Bush says, it's art. It doesn't look bad, and it is a good landmark.

I reckon they should put more artworks in the park -- it's still rather bare, the cabbage trees trying to get a good foothold, but it could use some more stuff like this, I think. It was interesting walking around and discovering each item. Olympic Park as an outdoor art gallery just a short walking distance from where I hang my hat. I can live with that.


  1. Maybe they should put Windtree there!!!!

  2. Interesting, but nah -- that's probably not Westie enough for their Olympic Park, Mad Bush! (Despite the fact that a chunk of the eastern side was orginally Avondale until the Waitakere crew purchased it from Auckland City for a nominal fee a few years back.)