Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect sense

Auckland Evening Star, 28 September 1874.

A facetious hair-dresser up town (we shall not mention names) sold a bottle of scent to a young lady in the neighbourhood of Ponsonby who was of a sentimental and rather fastidious turn of mind, and sent it back to her home. The young lady took it back to the perfumer, and said, "I don't think you forwarded the scent I meant; it is so different to what I expected."

The barber replied, "Miss, I am sure what you meant, I sent, the scent I sent was the scent you meant, consequently we are both of one sentiment."

The lady rejoined, "Whatever your intent, and however well meant, I will never consent to keep this scent," and she left the bottle on the counter and the hair-dresser speechless.

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