Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Celluloid Circus

I'm trying very hard right now to behave in terms of my fascination for New Zealand history books, and watch the ol' budget in these careful times. But, when it came to The Celluloid Circus by Wayne Brittenden, I weakened (mind you, I had a complimentary $25 gift voucher from one of Whitcoulls' pre-Christmas special deals, earned because I needed to buy print cartridges, so I think it worked out well).

This book is wonderful. There's a good review of it at NZine (where the image came from). I personally love the way stories and history of the operation of our cinemas from early days is mixed in with gorgeous photos the author has collected up from all over the country. If you find this in your library, borrow it. If you can afford to buy it, I recommend you consider doing so.

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