Friday, January 30, 2009

Scrumping, and the dangers there from

From the Auckland Evening Star, 25 January 1875, advertisements and public notices ...

"I HEREBY give notice to the Six respectably-dressed Lads who, during Divine Service last evening, visited my garden in Upper Queen-street for the purpose of stealing fruit, but had to skedaddle before accomplishing much of their purpose (a person being on the premises), that in future my BIG DOG WILL BE LOOSE, and they must take the consequences, only I advise them to take final leave of their mammas before entering my gate opposite the College."

And ...
"An advertiser in another column advertises his BIG DOG to those casting covetous eyes on his fruit trees in Upper Queen-street. The weakness for illicit fruit is not confined to Upper Queen-street. We know a place in Parnell where, in lieu of a dog, there is a gun charged with coarse salt, and a watch kept, and the resolution is determined to lodge the salt in the seat of honor of the first person found among the fruit trees. There will be scratching there we guess. It will afford us pleasure to know and tell our readers whether the big dog in Upper Queen-street or the salt in Parnell first produces screams."

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