Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oddfellows Lodge: a false start in Avondale

This is from Heart of the Whau (2003):
Oddfellows Lodge: On 30 September 1903, the Avondale Oddfellows Lodge opened and started meeting in the Avondale Public Hall. This was to continue until 19 December 1927, when their new purpose-built hall was opened further along St Georges Road (now demolished). They only had to shift out once, in 1923 (moved back 20/7/1923) when the Public Hall was being shifted to its current site to make room for the new Town Hall. [Conversation with Mr W E Timmins, Secretary of Oddfellows Lodge, 4 May 2001]
Twenty years before 1903, however, they made an attempt to set up the Lodge in 1883. I found the following in the Weekly News, 26 May 1883:

"A public meeting was held in the Avondale Hall on Monday night (Mr. Bollard in the chair) for the purpose of starting a branch of the National Independent Order of Oddfellows in the Avondale district. After a few appropriate remarks from the Chairman, Mr. J. Moore, D. S. of the Pioneer Lodge, in a very clear manner, gave a short history of the order as it now exists in Auckland. This showed that it was in a very flourishing state. He requested the audience present to enrol their names so as to start a branch in the district. He was ably supported by Mr. Moulden, D.H. of Loyal United Brethren. There was a good attendance, and at the close about a dozen put down their names, so that a lodge will now be started in Avondale, and no doubt it will a great boon to the rapidly rising township. We wish it success."

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