Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grafton Train Station art

The Grafton Station opened back in April. It's taken me this long though to organise the schedule so I had a reason to stop and admire the heritage art.

This mural has been causing appreciative comments from users of the Western Line since April.

I'll take a guess at what the views are.

Old Grafton Bridge, 1880s to 1910. Wooden construction across the gully, folks had to break step in case it collapsed.

Part of Upper Symonds Street.

Shops in Grafton?

St David's Presbyterian, on Khyber Pass Road.

The present Grafton Bridge.

The Auckland Hospital, late 19th century (top left), with one of the elderly refuges middle, on the Domain.

Auckland Hospital, 19th century to mid 20th century.

Grafton Bridge again.

And again.

Former Trinity Methodist Theological College, former Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design, now Whitecliffe College, Grafton Road.

Seccombe's Great Northern Brewery, Khyber Pass.

Auckland City Hospital, Park Road.

The original Auckland Museum in Princes Street pre 1920s

The Auckland War Memorial Museum.

And ... the Skytower view.


  1. ohhh look at that...the museum ;-) LOLZ How did the visit go? Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.

    Those pics are fantastic and so much better than seeing just bare walls waiting for taggers! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Keep working your way through the blizzard of today's posts, Sandy -- my feedback is there. :-)

  3. Indeed! What a mammoth effort you've done! I get so frustrated with the software with blogger... mainly adding the photos and how it won't seem to let you move them easily once uploaded..does my head in at times! You've excelled today!

  4. The photo uploader was a tad tetchy today, but I persevered. This week was three speaking engagements (and there's another one next week, down in Manurewa), plus my visit to the museum library today for images. It all meant I could finally be in places where I had a bit of extra time to go nuts with the camera.

    Also, it just shows you all that Timespanner ain't dead. Not yet. :-)