Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Christchurch city trams before the 'quake

Once again, some images from Bryan Blanchard, with his permission.
"... Christchurch in happier days. All in the Square, except 244 coming out into the street at the east end of the square."

Update 29 March 2011: More pre-quake photos from Bryan, taken at Cathedral Junction at the east end of the square, 7 February 2009.

 No. 178 (all above): " a boon tram, this class were introduced in 1921". Below, the ex-Melbourne W2 244.

 Tram 11 & trailer.

  Trailer & tram 178 in the distance.

Tram 178. Bryan's comment: "When I rode on the trams as a school boy up on holiday from Timaru - I rode
on trams like 178, painted green & yellow from Spreydon shopping shops into the square route numbers on trams were 14 to Spreydon & 16 to St Albans. Cost to the square from Spreydon was one penny.

"178 painted red, was a trial colour done in the 1930s on one or two."

Tram 244.


  1. wahhh :( so sad..the city will never be the same... but on the other hand ... thanks for posting the pics :D x

    Here's the proverbial Christchurch wedding snap of my daughter [she who has just produced my first grandchild :D], her husband and their wedding group on the tram by the Arts Centre on 12 March 2005.


  2. Love this post. I mentioned it in one of my own:

    Wishing you all the best.

  3. Cheers, DuPuis. Thanks for the link!