Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crown Lynn homage on Rankin Avenue

This one is new this year, by S McCarthy. To be found just down from the Hutchinson/Margan/Rankin Ave intersection. The art features pottery and ceramics, especially that of Crown Lynn which was made just on the other side of Rankin Ave from this piece of street art.

Darn difficult getting a shot of the top of these boxes, without a step ladder ...


  1. These ones are especially good.

  2. I love & collect Crown Lynn and I love the fact New Lynn recognizes its history. I still remember a school trip in Primary School to the factory.

  3. Yes they are, Andrew, have to say this mural is exceptional.

    Hi there, Cat B! You lucky person remembering a field trip to Crown Lynn! That must have been cool.

  4. Great shots there, Lisa, it is indeed a very nice box and the subject is well in tune with its position. The front cover of the July Titirangi Tatler ( has similar Crown Lynn memorabilia in a work of Anna Crichton which is one of Waitakere City's eco-bags.

  5. Cheers for that, Paul. There can never be enough stuff around about Crown Lynn, I reckon.