Saturday, July 31, 2010

The horses of Devonport replaced?

 Image courtesy Liz of Mad Bush Farm

Last year, thieves nicked off with the horses at this fountain in Devonport. I found out, became rather emotive, and posted this.

Liz was kind enough to let me publish her shots taken of the fountain pre-vandals and ratbags.

This is the fountain as it looked late last year.

Yesterday, I was passing through Devonport, and spotted this out the bus window.

Next stop reached, I scrambled out and headed up the hill to take a closer look.

I was disappointed. This isn't anything close to what the original sculpture was. They've got what looks like an ornament from out of a garden landscaping firm's back-lot, painted it black, and for good measure painted the existing and remaining parts of the fountain black as well, so it all looks new.


Seriously, compare Liz's images, with the one below from yesterday.

I know the local community board and North Shore City Council will have done their best, but -- in my opinion, the thieves have permanently left Devonport poorer. Very, very sad.


  1. It's....yes well a poor replacement for the original. Even the rose at the top has been changed it doesn't look right. I suppose it's something but it's no substitute for the real thing.

    Thanks for the update of this Lisa I was wondering how they were getting on but a sad legacy they've even damaged the beautiful original petina that was on the fountain base.

  2. I'll have to read the original post but how the heck did they manage to steal the sculpture in the first place?!
    Yes, it's a miserable effort, far better to have waited and saved the money/held a fund raiser to get a proper replica.

  3. Hacksaw, maybe? Or a good chain and a 4WD in the middle of the night? Who knows. Thanks Liz and Ro. Everything time I look at the photos, I just keep shaking my head.