Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old signs never die ...

 ... if they still convey the message. Indeed, why change them at all, just because of some pesky municipal authority reshuffling? Take this notice, spotted this month on a Birkenhead Transport bus, heading towards Verran's Corner:

Smoking, alcohol and food are still not welcome on Birkenhead's wonderfully clean buses -- but the notice reveals its age. The "B.C.C." plus the use of the word "bylaw" point to this coming from the days of the Birkenhead City Council, which was absorbed in 1989 by North Shore City (and, in turn, will be gobbled up later this year by the Auckland Super-City ...)

Then again, why go to all the effort of printing up new signs, saying exactly the same message, when the old ones will do? Well done, Birkenhead Transport!


  1. Interesting because when I went to Northcote College (late 70s - early 80s), I avoided taking the Birkenhead Bus home because that was the one that the kids smoked on...

  2. Maybe that's why they brought in the BCC signs? If not, what you recall would make that sign quite ironic.