Thursday, July 1, 2010

Newmarket's gun: an update from Auckland City Council

Further to this post and preceding ones.

I received a .pdf letter today from the Group Manager, Arts Community and Recreation Services, regarding the fate of the old gun.
His Worship asked that I investigate the concerns raised and respond to you on his behalf.

The Hobson Community Board resolved at its meeting on 18 April 2006 to support the relocation of the cannon from Lumsden Green to its current location in Olympic Reserve, as part of the upgrade of Lumsden Green.

The new location was suggested by the Newmarket RSA as it provides a connection to the War Memorial in Olympic Reserve.

Auckland City Council recognises the historical significance of the gun that dates back to 1885, when it was installed as part of the fortifications to defend Waitemata Harbour against a feared Russian invasion.

The cannon was placed on a temporary flat base, as the previous wooden support had deteriorated over the years. Work is commencing on constructing a new support for the cannon, which will include a plaque. The new support is expected to be in place towards the end of August.

I'm looking forward to returning to Newmarket in September, then, to check out the gun in its new home. I'll report back with photos.

Update: I see the Herald has put in an article as well today -- and the Newmarket RSA still don't realise they approved the move to Olympic Reserve, apparently.


  1. WOOT!
    It's amazing how a little media spotlight shining can make people get a wriggle on ;)

  2. We went to Archies today for lunch...a teamie is leaving us... and yes... the Cannon was mentioned as we were standing outside waiting for all to gather to go back to the it is out there :-) People are definitely noticing.

  3. ...and that's fabulous news :-)