Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Murals at Birkdale Primary

On a wander along the roads in Birkdale on the North Shore, I came upon the Birkdale Primary School, established in 1894.

And admired a couple of their murals.

This is a wonderful summary of the history of both the school, and the surrounding district.

The school's beginnings, and the horticultural history of the area.

Left of centre, the Chelsea Sugar Refinery, and to the right, an early version of the Birkenhead buses. By the way, I do like their depot at Verran's Corner.

The original part of the building dates from 1936, with extensions in 1939 and 1957 as the business (which started in the early 1930s) grew.

Anyway, to finish off back at Birkdale School, even this modern-themed mural caught my eye.

Just goes to show you never know what gems you'll come across when there's a digital camera handy.

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