Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goodbye to the Swinging Cow?

Well, I hope not, but there's a "For Sale" sign in one of the windows.

This is a landmark for travellers along SH1 in Brynderwyn, Northland. I like it because of the name, mainly. I don't think I've actually had anything to eat or drink there, more's the pity. Would have loved a chance to have done so before progress made changes.

These days, the InterCity buses (Northliner Express etc.) stop at Kaiwaka -- here, at the "Gateway North Motel & Cafe":

Now, yes, I have had two items from here. Heading up on Saturday morning, I bought a mince & cheese pie for $3.50. The pie was barely lukewarm, and the grated cheese inside still looking a lot like it had just come off the grater, and not its proper gooey-ness. Still, food is food, I was hungry (no brekkie before I left), so I ate it.

On the way back, purchase of choice (both made mainly so I didn't have to feel guilty when I saw the sign over the loos saying they were for customers only) was a cheese & onion sandwich. It was a bit on the dry side. I didn't finish it at my quick lunch break back in Auckland.

InterCity may have decided to stop at Kaiwaka since 2007 because of the bus bays in the carpark. Maybe the whole development was designed around that feature. But aside from the great woollen scarf I bought at a stall outside the cafe on Saturday morning -- there's not a lot going for it except the toilet stop. I'm not sure what I'd buy next to assuage my pangs of guilt next time. Maybe just a soft drink. I don't think I'd like to try facing the tucker again.


  1. Next time I'll buy you a coffee there at the Swinging cow.

  2. Cheers. If it's still there, Liz.

  3. Love the name, very original :)

  4. Well I've bought sausage roll there, was nice, had tea n scone with my mum and dad, had ice cream, all good.

  5. The swinging Cow is a must stop for anyone driving North or South. Ive stopped in there while Hitch Hiking / Riding / Driving and Cycling, its just one of those compulsory stops that you never regret.