Saturday, July 31, 2010

Takapuna ... the war memorial as art

Outside the civic offices and library at Takapuna is a very different type of war memorial.

This one commemorates the fallen from the district in both world wars, plus the Korean and Vietnam conflicts. Designed by Archoffice, who also planned the new Birkenhead Library, "to reflect the local seaside location ... as much a functional piece of Art as well as fulfilling the role of a War Memorial."

A feature is that four branches of past war efforts are recognised. The Navy ...

The Army ...

The Air Force ...

The Merchant Marine.

Not many memorials refer to the Merchant Marine in this country, so I understand. What I think of this? It is definitely art, and definitely a war memorial. Hopefully, the vandals in the future steer clear of it.


  1. Very nice :-)

    Keep watching out the front of Auckland War Memorial Museum...the water feature is going to be something special when finished :-)

  2. Hi Sandy. I noticed they were up to something when I had a bit of a time getting out the front entrance -- are they putting a water feature on the consecrated ground by the cenotaph?