Thursday, December 18, 2008

Canvas City: the 3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles at Avondale

Well, I've just finished the article I mentioned back at this post and loaded it to Scribd.

Canvas City: The 3rd (Auckland) Mounted Rifles camp, Avondale Racecourse 1912


  1. Great piece of work - I thank you for your effort.

    I am a member of the New Zealand Mounted Rifles Association and I am the web master of the site run by the Association at:
    I would be keen to post this article on our site if you would be in agreement. Obviously all references to the piece and your blog would be acknowledged as you wished.

    My grandfather was RSM Frederick Ziegler of the AMR and told me stories of the association of the AMR with the racecourse. (Fred lived to a great age of 103years 11 months and died in 1995)
    He worked the years relating to your article at "Crumb Brick and Tile Ltd" up the road in New Lynn and would ride down to the track on arranged days to carry out mounted drills with a number of squads in the centre of the track.
    These same AMR men also formed a Rugby League Club about 1912 - the team played just a few years until 1914 and the departure to Egypt and Gallipoli - unfortunately too few came home and the team never played again.

    Steve Butler

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thank you so much for your comment -- yes, of course you can put the article on your site. I am deeply honoured, and very glad that the article has been of help to you!

    Thanks as well for the information you posted here about your grandfather.

  3. Thank you - I will go ahead and download your pdf.
    I will recontact you at your email address.