Thursday, December 4, 2008

Personal Advertising: 1883

This from the Te Aroha News.

A gentleman in quest of a female partner requests us to insert the following adv't, which for minuteness and detailed particulars could not well be eclipsed.

He commences his grievance in the usual orthodox way with the eyecatching inscription "Wanted a wife " and proceeds as follows:—

"A gentleman residing at— — but at present on a visit to Te Aroha, is desirous of providing himself with the above domestic appurtenance. As regards age he is of the middle category and as to his appearance — well if not prepossessing he is not altogether unattractive. As to means, after the lapse of the present month be will be in receipt of at least £1200 a year. As to home and domestic surroundings these are of a nature conducive of the utmost earthly felicity.

Regarding the object of this want the lady applicant to ensure consideration must be of middle age, not flippant but dignified in her deportment, of temperate habits, of irreproachable virtue, appearance presentable, stature passable, and tongue controllable. Moreover she must have an inclination for music, vocal and instrumental, a knowledge of culinary science and a handy manipulator of the needle.

This want is bona fide and applications tor the post of Mrs— will receive earnest consideration. Applications with photos and particulars enclosed to be addressed to Te Aroha."

As we have our misgivings as to the advertiser's sincerity, or we might say his bona fide we refrain from publishing names, we only publish the foregoing in order to give the ladies a chance, leaving to themselves the task of discovering the wantor and satisfying if possible his many scruples.

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