Saturday, December 13, 2008

Whittaker's Musical Experience, Waiheke Island

While on Waiheke Island last July attending a weekend committee meeting of the executive of the NZ Federation of Historical Societies, a visit was made by the committee to the Whittakers' musical museum, the Musical Experience. Anyone interested in the heritage of musical instruments from all over the world would love this place -- and even for those with a casual interest, the visit is very worthwhile. Here are some photos I took during the visit.


  1. Wow! Some real rarities, Lisa!

    I especially love those accordion/squeeze boxes.

    I have never tried, but I understand they are deucedly hard to play.


  2. I agree, Bill -- his fingers were working constantly as he played, as well as timing the pulling and pushing. And to be able to play so many instruments! He and his wife are wonders. Hopefully, they can keep the museum going.