Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ornament and pillar box

Outside Downtown shopping centre in the city just before the climax of all that Yuletide stuff, I spied the above. Now, I'm not a very Christmassy person myself, but I thought I'd include it because, well -- a big red ornament in the middle of the pavement is interesting (and a visible sign of my rates money at work, I suppose) plus: Santa's mailbox in front. Actually, this looks just like a mock-up Edwardian pillar box type of postbox. Looks much more interesting than the square things on a pole we have today.

More on early postboxes at Wiki.


  1. Christmas aside that is a seriously cool and iconic image Ice. At least they haven't got stick things that have some kind of obscure meaning that we're supposed to go oh wow over. nah that's really cool and I wish we could have a mail box like that up here. I like it beats the box on a stick anytime man.


  2. I know what you mean about the obscure meaning stuff. The standard decorations up in the central city are an example. These are a strand of red cloth (I think it's cloth) twirled around in ever-decreasing circles. If you take a look at my post on the Baptist Tabernacle, there's an example right outside. Now, I guess this is an attempt at getting away from the festival's traditional and possibly "upsetting" trappings. But -- the result is meaningless. Sure, when I see them, I do say, "Heigh ho, there's that Xmas thing again." But this is only because it's up at this time of the year, not that it has any real relevance to the festival. The ornament idea is cool, though. I saw another further up Queen Street, in Vulcan Lane, a silver and green one. Not as interesting as the red one, however.