Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Preparations for the new (temporary) platform (2)

An update from here.

Work is continuing in the area where (according to Ontrack's plans at the last open day) the temporary platform off Trent Street will be located while the main station is relocated and the tracks reconfigured. The photos were taken late in the day after I'd spotted activity earlier while passing in the bus.

A close-up from photo above. The area where some fresh ballast has been laid, interestingly enough, is around about where the old level crossing used to be before 1913 and the building of the Blockhouse Bay Road railway bridge. This crossing connected what is now Tait Street (then, just part of Manukau Road) with Trent Street (part of Station Road) and was highly dangerous, especially when trains then came around a bend (straightened in the 1950s) before pulling into Avondale station from Mt Albert.

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  1. Great photos Ice. Gosh it's an end of an era but then it's the beginning of something better as well. I still miss that old Railway Station.