Monday, December 1, 2008

St Ninians Cemetery -- no longer forgotten

An update from here.

To my great delight this evening, I see that Auckland City Council have updated their website -- and St Ninians Cemetery is now on their page:Auckland City Council Cemeteries. They say they have a link to the Auckland City Library's St Ninians burials list -- but not quite. I'd say that will happen soon.

My thanks to those Council staffers who have listened to me over the past seven months.


  1. You'd probably think I'm quite strange but I love cemetaries, I don't find them scary at all, they're kind of peaceful and quiet and really beautiful.

  2. I like them too. Unfortunately, so do the vagrants and ne'er-do-wells in our society. The cemetery was littered by beer cans and liquor bottles when I took those photos last Thursday.

    That said -- I once spent three hours in the other one of our cemeteries, the Anglican one at Rosebank Road. I'd have been there longer, but the wind got to me a bit. Cemeteries -- attracting vagrants and mad historians since year dot.