Monday, December 15, 2008

An early Avondale-inspired cartoon

This was published by the Observer on 6 January 1886, in response to the reports of our localised "earthquake" of December 1885. The caption reads:
"Groggins (who was in town for Christmas) says he distinctly felt the shock, on two occasions the road got up and hit him on the nose, and he had the greatest difficulty in keeping his feet, the whole landscape seemed "on the go", and the only steady thing in it was Groggins."
This may actually be the first ever cartoon loosely concerning happenings here in Avondale. I'm sure Groggins was feeling quite loose that Christmas!

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  1. Groggins!!! Oh that is hilarious. think he's been on the plonk maybe. Great cartoon too very very cool post Ice. Blogger is being a royal pain. Kept adding in the blogger links in the end I edited the html and fixed it. Thanks for telling me. I shoved it in then Mum turned up. Usually I test them first.