Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mt. Avon -- Avondale's new landmark

Thanks to the railway reconstruction work taking place right now -- Avondale has a new landmark: Mt. Avon, so dubbed by a good friend of mine, Duncan Macdonald, chairman of both the Avondale Community Board and Avondale Business Association. It's actually the largest of three new (and temporary) hills on the old 3 Guys site in the centre of the township, opposite the primary school. Mt. Avon is ballast, another is scoria and the third clay. The trucks between this site and the railway area run non-stop. Avondale township is now a haze of clay dust, covering roads, footpaths, shop fronts (and people if we don't move quick enough).

Could the below be a new postcard view for Avondale? "Come to Avondale, and see the ballast pyramids"? No? Oh, okay, then ...

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