Wednesday, December 3, 2008

St Bride's Church, Mauku

"The Church of St. Bride's is of an eye-pleasing design that belongs to many of the churches planted by the pioneers, whose first care, after establishing their homes, was to set up a place of worship in their midst. Built of totara, its shingled roof dark with age, its spire lifting above the tree-tops, it stands picture-like on a green knoll in the midst of its little churchyard."
This is one of my favourite churches in the region. Have a read of the story behind this fortified church, the embrasures still visible on the outer walls of the building. This was built at the time of the Waikato War in the 1860s. If worst came to worst, the church was the last hope of safety for settlers caught up in the conflict if it came to their district.

Update 7 May 2011: NZHPT have included my photo (at top) on their register page for the church -- many thanks!


  1. Oh that is just gorgeous Ice. Just something you have to photograph and probably use up the memory card doing it. Great story with it too.

  2. Thanks for these lovely photos and story
    Last year I found several relatives buried in this cemetery.My Auckland cousin took photos when he visited
    I have recently read more of the Maori Wars in a novel, then searched the net and found the book by James Cowan.

  3. Anonymous says - Ihave changed my mind re my name
    Name is Di Christensen in Melbourne, Australia

  4. Hello, Di.

    James Cowan's book is the classic of its kind regarding the Waikato Wars. One day I'll score a copy for myself -- but it is extremely hard to find over here, so I understand.

    Thanks for your comments -- St Bride's is one of my favourite churches, indeed.

  5. Just found an article, in Papers Past, "Observer" dated 25th September 1897, of a wedding of a relative of mine, which took place in St. Bride's Church, Mauku, the Rev. E. C> Budd of Waiuku, being the officiating clergyman. The wedding was between Philip T.Birch, and Mary Worth, daughter of the late Mr. John Worth, of Mauku.

    1. Would love to get in touch as my family tree has this worth family

  6. This comment was accidentally deleted.

    "Anyone aware of efforts to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Titi Hill fight? The pukekohe east church will have their commemorations on the 14th and 15th september 2013. Various speakers and presenters will be attending. A major focus is having descendants tell their family story. "

  7. We are having a Mellsop reunion celebration at St Brides this March 20th. This was also a significant church for our family. Anyone interested go to the website for more info