Thursday, March 26, 2009

Additional information regarding milk-bars and the Kaimai Crash

I had an email today from Phil Hanson, who very kindly gave me permission to publish it here on the blog.

Regarding the Manly Milk Bar post:
"That was a fascinating film clip at the end of your link, made more interesting when I read the credits: the camera assistant was Brian Brake who went to to international fame as a photographer with the Magnum agency, and later settled in Titirangi. And the music was credited to Douglas Lilburn, now remembered as one of our most famous composers."
Regarding the Kaimai Crash post:
"I was a teenager when the DC-3 crashed into the Kaimais and will always remember how it affected New Zealanders in general; Like Erebus years later it was the only topic of conversation. I recall that at least one person survived the impact but died by the time rescuers arrived. There was bitterness in some quarters because local topdressing pilots felt they had a good chance of finding the plane, despite poor weather; however, the air force refused to let them fly."

Thanks, Phil.

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