Monday, March 16, 2009

Mt Albert pig debate, 1867

Southern Cross, 18 January 1867

One of those comically-contemptible cases which frequently come before the Resident Magistrate was heard yesterday, engaging for a great part of the afternoon His Worship, counsel on each side, and a dozen witnesses.

A pig belonging to a farmer at Mount Albert had, on two occasions, rooted up some potatoes belonging to a neighbouring farmer; and on the second occasion the owner of the potatoes shot the pig. There was therefore a cross-action, one man suing for the value of his pig, the other for the damage done to his potatoes.

The case seemed to cause no small sensation at Mount Albert, for, besides the witnesses, there were a number of persons present who had come in to hear the learned counsel's pleadings. Judgment was given in favour of the owner of the pig for 14s. At the conclusion of the case about a score of persons assembled outside the Court-room to further discuss the matter, which they did with such vehemence that his Worship had to send a policeman to clear them off.

There was then an adjournment to a hotel convenient — or inconvenient to the Court — where, excited by the recollection of the eloquence of counsel, and other stimulants, the great pig case could be heard by those in the Court again being argued for a considerable time.

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    I can imagine they kept talking about it for months and years to come ;)