Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A milky mishap

From the Auckland Star, 13 September 1884:

"A happly-looking youth, in whom his master, a well-known milk purveyor of Mount Eden, has ever confidence, met with a mishap this morning, with more favourable results than the spectators anticipated.

"The curly-headed lad was in charge of a horse and cart, the latter containing several cans of milk for the supply of customers, but when turning the corner by the store of Messrs Gladding and Son, the horse stumbled and went on his knees. The lad, who was whistling a merry tune at the moment, with thoughts far away, was suddenly shot forward over the horse's head, followed by the glittering cans.

"The little fellow was immediately on his legs, and, strange to say, neither lad nor horse were injured, but the lacteal fluid had returned to mother earth.

"In the space of two minutes the lad was again in the cart shouting, "'Tis no use crying over spilt milk," and with a pop of his whip whisked round the corner, and was soon out of sight."

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  1. That's brilliant!LOL! I could just see that right now...