Thursday, March 26, 2009

NZ on Screen

Spotted the site today via a piece in the NZ Herald: NZ on Screen has a collection, free to view, of clips, television programmes and film shorts from NZ's yesteryears. The short which caught me eye today was Monkey Tale (1952), but there's also TV programmes on history such as Epitaph and Shipwreck on the site.

Definitely worth a browse on a rainy day ...


  1. We loved watching Epitaph and Shipwreck when it was on pay tv here in Oz.
    Always disappointed me that we couldn't pull our finger out and make similar shows.
    I think Shipwreck was just re-run on the History channel here last month.

  2. They had them on pay TV over there? Huh! Should have made it free, seeing as they're about Australasian heritage an' all.

    The Auckland Maritime Museum screens the episode on the Orpheus in their Orpheus exhibition room. Very good stuff.