Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Towards a Bright Future: history of the Avondale Business Association

I had an enquiry from the Avondale Business Association while I was away, and so returned to old research grounds from 2001 to resurrect "Towards a Bright Future", dust it off, polish it up a bit, and decided to re-publish it online. (It was on an old site of mine. Might still be there, but Scribd now has the updated version.)

It's slightly weird, even though it was only just over 8 years ago now when I started pulling stuff like this together, to see how some of my style has remained the same, yet other parts have changed. Still, I think that TABF still stands on its own. Only needed a slight updating, really.

TABF is special because, even more so than Heart of the Whau, it was the reason why Duncan Macdonald, then and now Chairman of the ABA, asked me to pull something together for them -- he wanted a history of the Association. Before that day, in early February 2001, I was mainly just a collector of bits and pieces of our local history, trying to figure out where all the pieces fitted. Set on the course to putting together TABF, and Heart of the Whau which sprang from it, I was led towards what I do now -- research both on commission basis and voluntary, talking to fellow historians and researchers, involved deeply with historical societies, and putting my guff up online.

One of Timespanner's "ancestors", in a way, is TABF.

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