Friday, March 27, 2009

Blockhouse Bay heritage walks brochure

Received this in the mail this week from the Blockhouse Bay Historical Society -- and thought I'd give it a bit of a plug (that, and my name was included on the inside front cover).

The latest in what Auckland City Council term their "family of brochures", this is packed with early photos of the Bay from the Society's collection, along with facts and anecdotes about places along the walks.

Should be available free from libraries within Auckland City. I'm sure if you asked Blockhouse Bay Historical Society nicely (link on the list at the left), they'd help out any out-of-towners interested.

Oh, and I'll add a plug for my Society's own brochure, brought out in 2006. That's also free, and available from the usual places, along with the Avondale Business Association and the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society.

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