Thursday, March 12, 2009

Auckland District Scholarship Exams - 1877 and 1879

I found the following couple of exam papers today in a file at Archives New Zealand. The file was about the original site of Mt Albert School (file reference YCBD/A688/633b), but in waste-not-want-not times, the local Education Board's clerk reused the backs of the exam papers to serve as something on which to glue smaller pieces of paper which formed a correspondence between the Board and a city land agent. Some would look just at the "front" of the pages in a file. I tend to notice stuff like this on the backs.

How well do you think you'd do?

Auckland Board of Education District Scholarship Exams

December 1877 – Geography

1. Describe the course of one of the following rivers:-
(a) The St. Lawrence, (b) The Ganges, (c) The Nile, (d) The Danube

2. What are the various causes which affect the climate of a place? Illustrate your answers by examples.

3. Describe accurately the position of: Hong Kong, Beyrout, Birkenhead, Cracow, Algiers, Allahabad, St. Louis, Varna, Cape Town and King George’s Sound.

4. What are the chief exports from (a) The North Island, (b) The Middle Island of New Zealand?

5. What are the principle Submarine Telegraphs now in operation?

6. Where are the rivers Spey, Nerbudda, and Sacramento; the islands Trinidad, Elba and Formosa; the capes La Hogue, Agulhas, and York; and Torres’ Strait, Palk’s Passage, and Fundy Bay?

7. Sketch a map of the North Island of New Zealand, showing the situations of the principal towns and as many of the natural features as you can.

Christmas 1879 – Laws of Health

1. How does the sun give us the carbon from which the fat is made that burns in our bodies; and how is it that the sun’s heat gives us the water we drink?

2. Describe all you can remember about the sense of hearing.

3. Why is it good to eat fruit and uncooked vegetables?

4. What people suffer very much from liver complaints, and why?

5. Describe all you can remember about the brain.

6. Why do people feel sleepy and faint who sit in a room where there are a great many candles or gaslights burning?

7.How would you try to bring back life to a person apparently drowned?

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