Sunday, March 22, 2009

Matamata dreaming

I have been away for four days in Matamata. The purpose of the excursion was (a) to attend a conference of historical societies belonging to the NZ Federation during two days of the time, and (b) try to relax. I relaxed over the first two days. The last two days were a bit less relaxing, but that's another story, and not for here.

I've just uploaded over 300 images taken while I was in Matamata from the trusty ol' digital. I must have been really snap happy down there. It's a cool place, lots of history if you keep your eyes open and dig a little. And, I got to meet Smeegol, after passing him by for years on the InterCity buses.

Just across one side of Broadway in Matamata, kind of next door to the Gollum, is a sign which I think has tons lots of heritage-fan interest. Thumbs up to whoever came up with the name for that restaurant and bar.

Today, while photographing some agricultural relics (for those out there who might be interested. I know I am) at the Firth Tower Museum (operated by the Matamata Historical Society), I found this old Europa petrol pump. I remember these ...

So, once I get my head back together, and catch up a bit further on emails, work and such, I'll set to and pull together some posts on Matamata history with images. Give me a while to recover, and stay off the gollum, please, he's fragile.

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  1. The photos looks fab, looking forward to hearing - and seeing - more of your Matamata journey :)