Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weasel attack

From Weekly News, 12 January 1900.

Our Waiuku correspondent write: -- A little girl, 11 years of age, daughter of Mr. James Lowe of Packington, had rather a strange experience during the past week.

The child went to frighten some fowls out of the garden. Whilst standing in the paddock calling the dog she felt something tugging at her foot, and on looking down saw a strange animal.

The little one began to kick; and after several attempts managed to throw the brute off. The child at once began to run, when the weasel, which it proved to be, chased her. Being much frightened the little girl soon became exhausted.

Fortunately she had a stock whip handle in her hand, and on the weasel making for her she struck it, thereby killing it. Luckily the child had boots on.

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