Tuesday, January 25, 2011

At the end of Oliver Street

At the end of Oliver Street, Pt Chevalier, today there is a boat ramp. Back in the 1860s, this was a reserve area, possibly already by then a landing place, especially in view of the military training grounds in the area.

But what really intrigues me about the end of Oliver Street -- is this.

Welcome to Watercare's Oliver Street Wastewater Pumping Station No. 5.

This is a small yet quite beautiful (considering its purpose) example of municipal architecture. Apparently built sometime before 1940 (it shows up in the aerials of that time), it may be part of the overall engineering of the old Auckland Drainage Board, long since replaced by other bodies. It is definitely a room with a view.


  1. You have had heavy rain to pile up sticks at the boat ramp? The pump house is wonderful.

  2. Both heavy rain and raging seas this last weekend. There's clumps of seaweed mixed in with the rest of the debris down there. We're expecting more for our anniversary weekend an' all ...