Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gapminder world data

I found this elsewhere in the Net: Gapminder, a collection of graphic data, set to animation using Flash. One interesting bit is the Wealth & Health of Nations. Countries of the world are coloured according to region, and laid out on the graph as to where they were in 2009 in the basis of income versus life expectancy. Fascinating to watch is where New Zealand and Australia are isolated out on the checklist on the right, and then after clicking "Play" down below the graph, you can see how the two nations managed from 1800 through to 2009. Basically, we're fairly close together, improving in health and wealth from c.1870, with Australia finally outpacing us around a hundred years later. Watch countries drop suddenly and then recover as time progresses and epidemics and wars take effect.

There's a YouTube video here.

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