Friday, January 7, 2011


I tend to spot something, wonder what on earth it is, photograph it, then come home to use trusty ol' Google to find out. Or phone/email somebody.

In this case, I Googled.

There's a couple of these plaques on the bridge which is an extension of Memorial Drive in New Lynn, and crosses over the railway trench there. HN-HO-72 is the accepted traffic loading design specification as per Transit New Zealand's Bridge Manual. HN is normal load, HO is overload. There's a .pdf here: for those of you who are engineering-minded, check out pages 3 to 4 especially.

My curiosity is now satisfied for another day.


  1. THANK-YOU because I've often wondered myself what those meant.

  2. Our bridges just say, 'in case of impact, call...'. We only do remedial.

    There seems to be something exciting afoot in Auckland with public transport down the wharf way. Care to write a salient post about your 'drumroll' new tram on the horizon.

  3. Never seen them before...but i doooo love that inquisitive mind of yours... i'd be doing exactly the same!


  4. What Andrew said.
    Plus export some of your public transport-minded pollies, we can put them to good use.

  5. Hi Andrew and Jayne,

    Yes, the trams!! They're installing tracks at the moment, so I understand. I'd like to get a photo first before putting something on the blog at this stage. But -- it might go along the harbourside as well! Woot!

    Relevant article here.

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks. That's the thing with blogs. My inquisitive mind has that extra outlet into the big wide world, now ... :-)