Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No gambling on the train, please

Image from Wikipedia.

From NZ Herald 28 March 1918.

Three Maoris, Mita Karaka, Whaka Houkura and T Kirkwood ([represented by] Mr. A E Skelton) were charged in the Police Court before Mr F V Fraser, SM, yesterday with gambling in a railway carriage by playing cards for money.

Guard Foster said the Maoris were seated together in the carriage with a ug over their knees playing euchre. He heard the jingle of money, and gave them a warning. When he returned to the carriage they were still playing, and 3s was on the rug. Witness seized the money and took their names and addresses. Subsequently two of the Maoris tried to bribe him not to go any further with the matter. 

Defendants admitted playing cards, but not for money, and said that the 3s on the rug was money which Karaka had paid Kirkwood for buying magazines. They denied that they attempted to bribe the guard.

The charge was dismissed.

I hope they got the 3s back ...

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