Friday, January 14, 2011

Owairaka-Mt Albert Heritage Walks booklet

The latest addition to the Auckland Council "family of brochures" series featuring walks and information related to the heritage of areas on the Auckland Isthmus. This one was compiled and written by Carron Boswell, who has also worked on a history of the Sandringham Community Centre, and is the newsletter editor for the Mt Albert Historical Society. Ngati Whatua o Orakei Ltd prepared a Maori history of the area for the booklet. I did a bit of work toward it, but only in a supplementary, supporting role. Brochure preparation and printing was coordinated by Matthews and Matthews Architects.

The walks are:
Farm and Ballast Pit Walk, Genteel Mt Albert Walk, The People's Walk, and Mt Albert Shopping Centre Walk.

Copies available via the libraries.


  1. oh la la excellent - thanks for letting us/me know - any plans of a New Lynn/Green Bay one any time soon?

  2. Hi Catherine.
    Funnily enough, I intend calling a meeting soon with folks from West Auckland Historical Society and Derek Battersby, the new chairman of the Whay Local Board, to discuss a proposed New Lynn heritage study (something Derek Battersby has proposed in the local media some time back). A heritage walk or two or three cropping up out of that, and including Green Bay (also in the Whau Board area) sounds like a great project. Might have to wait 'till after July so we see what funding's available.

    I'm prepared to push for both heritage studies of New Lynn and Green Bay, along with walks booklets, though.