Friday, January 21, 2011

The Costley Ward Time Capsule revisited

Back in December last year, I did a post on the memorial to the Costley Ward time capsule at Auckland City Hospital. Sandy posed the question in the comments: "I wonder what was in the time capsule?"

Bless your cottoned socks, Sandy. Just keep those questions coming. It may seem that I forget about folk's questions (and at times, yes, I need a short sharp nudge with a pointy thing to remember), but this time, I have the info.

From the NZ Herald, 2 December 1993:

More than 150 former nurses, doctors and modern-day health officials watched as the lead capsule was opened. Inside was a New Zealand Herald dated July 11, 1898; a handful of coins, and a parchment scroll detailing the bequest made by Mr Edward Costley which funded the building, the names of the hospital board members, and the names of the architect and builder  ... Once the capsule contents have beenn photographed, they will be resealed in another container with 1993 memorabilia and buried in a memorial to be built on the hospital site.

So, the time capsule still exists, and is under the memorial? Only time will tell ...

I must say the Costley Building time capsule fared way better than the one for St Paul's ...


  1. Great stuff at least it's been found..well sort of I guess maybe it is there under the memorial

  2. Well how fascinating! I forgot i asked that LOL! Thanks for going to the trouble of finding out!

    Cheers ears