Monday, January 3, 2011

Murals in a Brown's Bay summer

Passing through Brown's Bay, part of the North Shore's East Coast Bays, I found a couple of murals. First, this one -- it's so long, I missed taking a shot of the far end (at right) which had a cabbage tree on it. I love the almost dreamy watercolour feel to this one.

But, I also found a heritage mural, the Beach Front Store, Manly Esplanade in Brown's Bay, 1949. Talking with Bill Ellis later yesterday afternoon, he said that the store dated from the early 1940s. The mural was sponsored by the local business association.


  1. Thanks for these Lisa. We love our murals. My English husband was blown away by these when he first saw them. - Happy New Year, regards Seonaid

  2. Hey, hi there, Seonaid! Happy New Year to you too. Great seeing you here -- yes, I'm always on the look-out for wonderful murals like these. Especially those featuring, but not limited to, heritage themes, of course.

    These ones do Browns Bay proud.