Friday, January 21, 2011

Demise of the herons

My apologies for the blurred image -- shot this afternoon from inside a moving bus. This is the intersection of Blockhouse Bay and Great North Roads, at the boundary between Avondale and Waterview. Heron Park is to the right of the photo -- just about the only part of the scene still reflecting on the local herons and their habitat here, with the demise of the former painted control box. That's the replacement in the centre, between the traffic lights and the street sign.

Paul from Auckand-West blog earlier alerted me in the comments section of the previous post on the previous control box.  I rang Auckland Council, and found out from them that the box had been replaced on 5 December 2010 during a planned upgrade, as the old box wasn't big enough. Actually, I think the reason  could also be because Auckland City, since the Super City amalgamation, now appear have a new contractor for their traffic control systems. It isn't CSL any longer -- I'm not sure who it is, but there's a different logo.The new box doesn't seem all that drastically bigger than the previous box.

I know mural art is transitory, but ... Anyway, here's the lesson, from ol' Timespanner folks: PHOTOGRAPH THE PUBLIC ART. You never know when, overnight, it may just simply vanish, as if it never was.

The art was by Doug Ford (thanks for the info, Paul.)


  1. Well said Lisa. It is transitory and needs to be recorded. It's art history and it needs to be somehow preserved even if it's in a digital image. Cheers for this great post!