Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ontrack vehicles at Avondale Train Station

A chance find, as I wasn't intending on going to Avondale via the railway line today (but I had to, as I missed a bus up on the ridge). According to Wikipedia, this is a Plasser and Theurer DGS 62 N dynamic track stabiliser.

But this other one ... well, a friend mentioned a name to me, but at the moment, I can't locate it online. Any rail fans out there care to help out?


  1. If the stabiliser is what I think it is, they are great to watch. They appear shake the track to get it to bed down into the ballast.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Check out my previous post mentioning them which includes a cool YouTube link.

  3. I remember the clip now, just forgotten where I saw it.

  4. It's a miracle, the speed things move around here, that I remembered I put that link up in the first place! :-)